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SHA+ License

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The Guest House

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The Guest House

We are happy to announce to our customers that The Guest House has received the SHA+ Certificate.


Our License Number is B3679 - SHA+ License - company Vaccination Certificate

The Guest House complies to Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration standards and new regulations.

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Deluxe Room SHA+* 7 days for two person: 2.450 Baht Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct; 2.750 Baht Nov

Deluxe Room SHA+* 14 days for two person: 4.900 Baht Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct; 5.500 Baht Nov

Triple Deluxe Room SHA+* 7 days for two person: 3.150 Baht Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct; 3.500 Baht Nov

Triple Deluxe Room SHA+* 14 days for two person: 6.300 Baht Jul-Aug-Sep-Oct; 7.000 Baht Nov

COVID TEST Package** 1st day (AIRPORT), 5-6th day (JUNGCEYLON), 11-12th day (JUNGCEYLON): 8.000 Baht next BOOK SWAB TEST

SHA+ pick up and drop off service with SHA+ taxi 750 Baht

*we will release the PRE-PAID SHA PLUS HOTEL CONFIRMATION with SHABA ID and QR CODE as soon you will pay for the SHA+ Package

**for customer that will check in before the 1 August the COVID TEST System will be managed by private Hospital Network while after the 1st August by a Government Network please contact your SHA HOTEL MANAGER, he will book for you. For customers that will check in after 1st August, they can book directly the SWAB Appointments (3 in total: day 1, day 5-6, day 11-12) on BOOK SWAB TEST the total cost is 8000 baht.

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Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking and airport shuttle From tourists via OTAs, tour operators, or directly, once the traveler has paid for their entire stay, the hotel issues a SHABA certificate to the traveler to request a COE.

Swab Appointment
For July 1-15, 2021, the hotel will charge customers for a specified number of COVID-19 tests (refer to the subject of COVID-19 testing) after July 15, 2021 (or until the system will be completed) There will be a PSAS system for customers to make reservations. and pay directly to the system

At the Airport
Passing health procedures, immigration, customs and COVID-19 screening, including RT-PCR testing, travelers must have the following documents ready to show to authorities:
Immigration card TM.6
Certificate of travel to Thailand
SHA Plus and SHABA certified hotel booking confirmation
travel insurance
'Mor Chana' application downloaded onto your mobile phone and 'checked in' at Phuket International Airport.
Documents for departure from Phuket International Airport In case the traveler stays less than 14 nights in Phuket
At the airport, there will be a 'Sandbox' sign directing travelers to checkpoints. Please do not confuse it with the 'ALQ' path and only follow the path of 'Sandbox'.
Download and install the designated tracking application, the traveler must download the Mor Chana application. Travel directly to your reserved SHA+ hotel to await your results while staying in your room. If the test is negative for COVID-19, the traveler will be allowed to travel anywhere in Phuket. Vehicles to be used to travel to SHA Plus hotels must be pre-booked SHA Plus certified vehicles only. Travelers cannot stop at other places on their way to the hotel.

At the Hotel
On the day that tourists arrive at the accommodation Tourists are requested to stay in their rooms at all times until the results of the covid test. will be confirmed by the relevant authorities that the test result is negative The results will be reported in the SHABA system. Waiting time for the results is approximately 12 hours after the examination at Phuket Airport.
If arriving in Phuket after 6:01 PM, the first day of stay will be counted the next day.
In order to comply with the policy of the Department of Disease Control, during the first 14 days, tourists must return to stay at the hotel or resort every night and must check their body temperature every morning by SHA Plus and scan the Doctor Chana application.
On days 6-7 and 12-13 of stay Travelers are required to undergo Covid-19 testing. Please contact SHA Plus Manager to reserve a transfer. In the event that tourists require a medical certificate, there will be an additional charge of 700 baht / person / visit and must be booked in the system 48 hours or 2 days in advance to let the Covid Center know in advance. Tourists must pay by themselves at the COVID testing center on the day of testing.
During the trip in Phuket Please strictly adhere to the 'DMHTTA' practices, which are D Distancing (distance), M Mask-wearing (wear a mask), H Hand-washing (wash your hands regularly), T Temperature Check (temperature check. ) T Testing for COVID-19 (check for COVID-19) A contact tracing Application (download Mor Chana application) Turn on the GPS of the application to track the specified contact all the time. throughout your stay in Phuket If a traveler wishes to travel to another province in Thailand after a 14-day stay, they must have proof of stay in a SHA Plus hotel and three negative Covid-19 test results. Show documents at the checkpoint and must strictly follow the measures of each province

Daily Routine
Visitors can travel to various places within Phuket. It must strictly adhere to the 'DMHTTA' guidelines, including:
o D - Distancing
o M - Mask-wearing (wear a mask)
o H - Hand-washing (washing hands regularly)
o T - Temperature Check
o T - Testing for COVID-19 (Check for COVID-19)
o A - contact tracing Application (download the application Mor Chana)
Tourists must wear masks at all times in public areas. Failure to comply will incur a fine.
Tourists have to scan using 'Mor Chana' application and take temperature check at hotel 'SHA Plus' daily for 14 days of stay, turn on GPS of contact tracking application. specified at all times throughout the duration of your stay in Phuket

Check Out
Visitors wishing to stay only in Phuket (staying less than 14 days) must depart from Phuket. to other destinations in Thailand Proof of stay for 14 days and the result of the 3rd RT-PCT must be presented. The SHA Plus Manager will be issued from the SHABA system.
Tourists who wish to continue traveling to other destinations outside Thailand can travel back by complying with the measures specified by the destination country

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